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SculpTea Detox was designed to help both men and women lose and maintain a healthy weight loss by using all-natural organic ingredients. We strive to attain real results that last.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best quality all-natural herbal blend, that not only promotes healthy weight loss but; detoxifies, cleanses the body, and provides health and healing benefits for overall wellness.

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Customized Meals plans, along with your 14-day detox, will help you on your weight loss journey.


"I went from 149 to 142 from drinking the tea for a week.!"
Wayne S.
"Omg! This tea is bomb!!! I am not usually regular but this tea worked wonders. It was very gentle on the stomach and The night tea had me sleeping like a baby."
Erica M.
"I literally lost 10lbs by drinking your tea. I am always bloated because I am not regular. Now I donʼt have any bloating and Iʼm able to go regularly like a normal person. Lol"
Jessica R.
"So let me say I have been drinking this tea everyday! I donʼt just drink it for 14 days I do everyday! It gives me energy during the day and I have replaced my coffee with it. I feel good all day. The night tea helps me sleep at night."
Sarah K.

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